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Silverlock Packaging Online Quote Website ( ) is a site that provides detailed information about Products and Services it has to offer.  The site also provides national contact details for our various Branches situated in Key Areas of Victoria, Adelaide and Perth

There are a number of different ways to use this site and access information;



Viewing the site

The presentation of the site can vary depending on the version of internet browser and text size that you use. The site presents best if you are using Internet Explorer Versions 8 or 9, Mozilla Firefox or Apples Browser Safari. If you are using an earlier version of Internet Explorer, then our recommendation is to set your text size view to the 'smaller' or 'smallest' settings.  Just go to View on your browser tool bar and then change the text size.


Where do I start?

‘Where do I start?' First up you will need to Browse through the relevant products and keeping in mind that this is a quotation website, add products you would like to acquire a quotation on, to your Quotation Cart.


Do I need an Account?

‘Do I need an Account?' No you do not need to create an account to use the Silverlock Packaging Online Quote Website. You can send off a quote request without one.

Although an account isn’t needed it is recommended to allow Silverlock Packaging Online Quote Website to supply you the correct pricing when return your Online Quote back to you.

The other benefit of setting up an account is that you can review your previous Quotation Requests and stay in touch with upcoming specials and deals by subscribing to the Silverlock Packaging Online Quote Website Newsletter.



Adding to the Quotation Cart

Adding Products to your Quotation Cart is easy, simply select how many products you would like a quote on, choose a colour if applicable and then click Add to Quotation Cart, and it will instantly be in your cart.


Search Bar / Search Box

The Search facility allows you to type in a Product Type / Code or Description and search this site for information about that Product, or Numerous Products with relevant attributes

Just type your Product Type / Code or Description in the search field, then click on the search button.  Your search results will be now shown on the screen. If you have trouble finding your product, try narrowing down the search parameters. By including a more specific description.



Requesting a Quote through the Quotation Cart

Requesting a Quote is easy. Once you have all the products in your Quotation Cart you require a quote for. Click Submit Quote, and follow the instructions to the Final Quote Checkout Stage. As mentioned previously you do not require an account with Silverlock Packaging Online Quote Website to proceed, however if you are using the site frequently it is suggested and recommended an Account is set up as if you have no account you will have to enter your details in every time.


Need Further Help ?

If you require any further assistance please contact your closest Silverlock Packaging Online Quote Website Branch either by Phone or Email.



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